Bergens & Patrol Packs

Dragon Supplies are the UK's leading manufacturer of Specialist Bergens and Patrol Packs for the British Army.

Webbing Builder

Use our customisable kit builder to create your own bespoke webbing.

Military Webbing Sets

  1. Dragon Airborne Webbing
    100% of 100
    As low as £159.99
  2. Dragon Commanders Pouch Airborne Webbing
    97% of 100
    As low as £169.99
  3. Dragon Utility Webbing
    As low as £159.99
  4. Dragon Butt Pack Webbing
    As low as £169.99
  5. Dragon Snipers Webbing
    As low as £179.99
  6. Dragon Sharpshooter Webbing
    As low as £169.99
  7. Dragon LMG Webbing
    As low as £189.99

Dragon Supplies - Military equipment and clothing

Established in 1999, Dragon Supplies UK Ltd has grown to become one of the biggest and best suppliers and manufacturers of military equipment and clothing. Enhancing and helping the military world, in providing the armed forces with Kit and Tailoring that is of the highest standard.

Dragon Supplies is committed to providing excellent customer service, quality products and value for money. We thank our customers for allowing us to do what we love, which is to serve the modern soldier in the British Armed Forces, with new products and customer service that is second to none.

Manufactured on site

Dedicated design and manufacturing team, based in Essex.

Exceptional build quality

We constantly adapt and evolve our range of products.

Limited lifetime warranty

We will repair or replace any part of the products we manufacture if they fail at anytime during use.

Standard delivery - £3.99

UK mainland and BFPO orders only.

Keela Belay 5

Brand New, with a complete redesign on the original SF Belay Jacket, the Generation 5 Belay extreme cold weather jacket is designed to protect the cold weather Soldier in sub-zero temperatures.

Dragon Windproof Smock

Heavily influenced by input from The Parachute Regiment. Big, baggy and beautiful.

Our Partners

Light Ops Belts  

Built after a huge demand from our customers who needed a solution to their needs for a lightweight, low profile rig that can be used for fight light / OBUA / FIBUA.

Essential Field Kit

Lowa Zephyr Boots

Highly rated by both UK and US SF alike as a tactical lightweight boot. Dragon Supplies is one of a chosen few picked in the UK to supply these boots.

Altberg Sneeker Boots

Altbergs legendary Sneeker® Microlite is possibly the most lightweight, all leather military boot ever made.

Zap Badges

Our Specially embroidered Zap Badge, embroidered with your own Army Number and Blood Group.